SDAUM 8 – First Art Fair Ever!

By March 25, 2017Events, Art Fair, Event Recap

Little Recap on my experience at the SDAUM 8 last march.
The venue was a little stlow, but I achieved my personal goals so I’m really happy. I had a fantastic time! I wish I could have taken more pictures. There were tons of variety and differents artists. Music, comics, jewelry, clothes, prints, soaps, cosmetics and more. If you like handmade stuff, this a great art fair for you! I’m pretty sure I’ll go back next year.

My neighboor was the coolest guy ever and had really amazing art. If you like cute design and silkscreens stuff, you should definitely check his stuff out. He’s part of a designer collective called Aglomera Design

Here are pictures of my first artist alley booth. They are super grainy, sorry…